Subscription Saviour: Your Guide to the Monthly Deductions in Your Wallet

Subscription Saviour: Your Guide to the Monthly Deductions in Your Wallet

Apr 25, 2024

Remember the days of rummaging through different channels during ads to find the content you’d like to watch? Thank god for streaming services these days! Well like it or not subscriptions aren't just about entertainment anymore. They are as much a part of our lives as visiting your regular Tapris.

In a world of endless subscriptions let’s figure out a way without getting entangled in a mess of recurring fees. This comprehensive guide will be your life-saver in the mad, mad world of subscriptions!

First things first: what are you getting into? Subscriptions come in all forms and sizes, from monthly movie marathons (at Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar) to seasonal deliveries of exotic mangoes and fruits at discounted rates (with Zepto Pass or Swiggy’s Monthly Pass). Do your research! Look out for what features are included, if there's a free trial, and most importantly, how easy it is to cancel. 

Now, let's talk moolah. Subscription costs vary wildly, from cheaper ones that cost as much as your morning cup of coffee to a gym membership. Be sure to factor in any hidden fees or various plans that may benefit you, for example, Amazon Prime memberships vary from ₹1499 per year, ₹299 per month, ₹599 for 3 months, and even compare prices across services before you hit ‘subscribe’.

Beyond the basics, many subscriptions offer bonus goodies like exclusive content, early product access, and discounts. Think of it as a VIP pass to your favorite things without those tacky velvet ropes. If you like the prince/princess treatment, hunt down such subscriptions! You can even look at platforms that provide multiple OTT subscriptions in one place, here are some examples, Tata Play, Times Prime, and Myvi.

But wait, there's more! Subscriptions can even be a force for good. Some companies support social causes or source their products sustainably. So, you can feel good about getting those skin care you bought last week (Of course the ones with healthier options for you, your environment, and the animals).
Remember, with great subscriptions comes great responsibility. It's easy to subscribe to everything under the sun and then drown in the sea of monthly charges. But we aren’t like that. So stay on top of your subscriptions with budgeting apps and regularly review what you're using. Don't be afraid to cancel those you don't need anymore because seriously, who needs a monthly subscription to another random dating app jab sona toh tumhe Arijit Singh ke songs sunke hi hai. 

So, there you have it! A crash course on how to be better with your subscriptions.

Happy subscribing!