Are you team Credit Card Loans or Personal Loans? Find out what’s best!

Are you team Credit Card Loans or Personal Loans? Find out what’s best!

Apr 12, 2024

Take note savvy spenders and money mavericks! 

Today we dive into the wacky world of credit cards and personal loans.

First up, credit cards…

They are really your trusty sidekick, a quick fix of cash, if you will. They give you the freedom to swipe now and worry later. 

It's like having a mini loan in your pocket, ready to rescue you from cash emergencies. You should also consider reading up to understand the rewards programs associated with your card so that you can avail credit card benefits with every swipe! Let’s be honest, that compensates a little for all the interest we end up paying, doesn’t it? In fact, the more credit card hacks you know, the lesser you will be spending on additional charges! 

But beware the red flag of easy spending! Those interest rates can creep up faster than you can finish saying ‘impulse buy.’ Watch your spending when using a credit card. Because if you are not careful, you might find yourself drowning in a sea of debt!

Now, let's shimmy over to personal loans…

Let’s call them the responsible older sibling of credit cards. Personal loan offers usually provide a lump sum of cash upfront, with a set plan for repayment. This also means there’s no piling on the interests until you keep paying on time! If you deviate from that plan, you default! Which none of us wants to do! So, much more disciplined, we would have to say!

The best personal loan apps are like a big, warm hug of financial security in times of cash emergencies! They are safe, they are quick and they don’t demand a bunch of rusty documents! Personal loan interests are mostly fixed, so you can budget like a pro without any surprises popping up. Need to finance a big-ticket purchase or cash in during an emergency? Personal loans are your saving grace in such times!

So, which one is the ultimate winner in this showdown? Well, there’s no one defining answer to this that agrees with everyone! It all comes down to your financial lifestyle and needs. If you're a spontaneous spender who loves the thrill of the swipe, credit cards might be your jam. Just remember to keep those balances in check! But if you prefer a steady, predictable approach to borrowing, personal loans could be the star of your money-saving show.

Here’s some parting thoughts from us. Whether you're Team Credit Card or Team Personal Loan, the key is to use any credit channel wisely, minimizing the whimsy as much as you can! So go forth, embrace your money journey and find out what works best for your unique needs! 

And if you are ever in need of a quick personal loan for salaried or as a self employed individual, don’t forget to visit the Olyv app to check your personal loan offers!